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Financial Sales Letter Sample-Excerpt

How Would You Like Your Stock Picks
To Make Money Over 90% Of The Time?”

For the past 10 years, this ultra low risk strategy has been
profitable an astounding 93.7% of the time – using techniques
of the world’s greatest investors.

Dear Investor:

Would you like to increase your wealth by over 400%? Here's a low risk approach that has been profitable for two decades.

You know you need an edge to beat the market. So what better edge can you have than this – the battle tested strategies of the greatest investors of the twentieth century?

Imagine putting them into play and racking up profits 172 times over a period of 19 years!

Enjoy the confidence of picking stocks for your portfolio that have been profitable 90.5% of the time since 1982 – and 93.7% of the time since 1990.

And you'll sleep secure knowing you're buying stocks with such low risk your retirement funds can't be wiped out. In the market panic of 2000, we sold nine stocks for winners with average gains of 42.9%. The only losing stock you would have had was off only 8.3% – and that loss was offset by healthy dividends.

How good would it feel to go an entire year (1997) with no losing stocks – and 14 winners? And from early 1998 through mid-November 2000, you would have sold 27 winning stocks in a row without a loss.

That's consistency. So consistent has this strategy been for 19 years, it averages less than one losing stock per year.

From 1991 to 1997, there were two three-year stretches with annualized yields of 35.1%, 26.9%, 21.7% and 27.7%, 16% and 23.7%. At these rates of return, your money doubles every three to four years. And you've already seen what we did from 1998 to November 2000. Furthermore, though we take a long term approach to the market, the average holding time for our stocks the past ten years has only been 23 months. And as you'll see, we often buy and sell at a profit in as little as four months.

Overall, even through the crash of 2000, had you invested $100,000 in these low risk stock suggestions since 1991, your portfolio would have ballooned to $452,686 by December 2000.

And here's another interesting way to fatten your wallet...

How to Buy Stock at No Cost

You are about to enter the world of safe, prudent and profitable investing. It's a world where the great investment masters of the twentieth century have lived. People like Warren Buffett, John Neff, Sir John Templeton, and of course, investment genius Benjamin Graham.

It's also the world where The Claremont Letter is published. I'll tell you more about this exceptional publication in a moment.

But first, how would you like to buy stock in an $8 billion dollar telecommunications giant for no cost? Sound impossible? It's not.

The world is full of unique opportunities like this – if you know what to look for. Here's how this one worked:

Cable & Wireless, the British Telecommunications giant, had lost 20% of its market value in just a few weeks ($4 billion in capitalization!) because merger talks with British Telecom had fallen through. However, it had a below market P/E ratio, an above average market yield, and an A+ balance sheet – including $1.5 billion in cash!

But here was the incredible thing. Cable and Wireless owned 58% of Hong Kong Telecom, the dominant telecommunications player in Hong Kong, with footholds in Taiwan and mainland China. The value of Cable's stake in Hong Kong Telecom alone was nearly as great as Cable's entire depressed market value!

On June 26, 1996, The Claremont Letter sent out this communiqué to its private group of investors:

"...if you were to value Hong Kong Telecom at its 52 week high (21-1/2), then by buying Cable & Wireless you would not only be tapping into vast potential of the telecommunications market in China (both on the mainland and Taiwan), but you would also be acquiring Cable & Wireless at no cost!"

Wall Street was essentially giving away stock in Cable & Wireless for free! Our investors scooped it up with both hands. Predictably, the stock exploded to the upside and our readers made a killing when they sold on February 27, 1998.

And Here's a Tip for You...

Since selling, we have continued to follow Cable & Wireless (NYSE:CWP). You may want to keep your eye on this stock – it remains a potential takeover candidate.

Tracking a stock after selling it is one of the specialties of The Claremont Letter – something our investors know has been money in the bank over the years. In a moment, you'll hear more about thismdeceptively simple, yet very profitable technique.

First, however, how important is it for you to protect your retirement funds from the ravages of the stock market?

The Mistake That Cost Investors $2.8 Trillion Dollars

It's all well and good to make consistent profits in the stock market – like our investors have since 1982. But it's more important to avoid losing what you already have.

So wouldn't it be nice to live in an investment world where someone was looking out for your best interests...where someone was watching your back so you could invest with confidence?

Because let's face it. When $2.8 trillion dollars of investors' money went up in smoke in 2000, confidence in the market went with it. But when the Nasdaq plunged 40% and dot-com stocks went splat – the group of investors at The Claremont Letter didn't lose a dime on high-flying technology stocks.


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