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Travel Writing Sample-Excerpt

How would you like a FREE EXPEDITION
exploring the South Pacific’s Marquesas Islands…

Maybe a FREE CRUISE aboard the massive and
luxurious Vision of the Seas…

Perhaps a FREE TREK over the misty Munros
of the Scottish Highlands would stir you?

You decide where you want to go – and we’ll show you exactly how to do it –using only a pen, some paper and a sense of adventure.”

Dear Fellow Writer:

Here it is. The best "job" in the world for a writer—novice or experienced.

Now don't get me wrong. I love the six-figure income that copywriting has generated for me. Even so, maybe you've noticed we don't call ourselves the American Copywriters & Artists Institute.

Why? Because our faculty and members are also interested in other types of writing—novels, plays, poetry, articles, even screenplays. (Did you know that Michael Masterson writes a screenplay a year?)

And when it comes to adventure and excitement, travel writing takes the cake. As a student of Michael Masterson's copywriting course, we know you've got the ability to write. And we know that we've got the ability to teach you to be the best travel writer out there. So all we needed was a professional travel writer to teach you the tricks of the trade. And not just any travel writer would do. We wanted the best in the business. That's why we've turned to Jen Stevens. With over 10 years in the business, Jen knows as much about travel writing as anyone else out there.

But before I tell you about these tried and true secrets, let me tell you why travel writing is the best "job" in the world.

Where Else Can You Get Paid To Live Like This?

Imagine sliding out of bed and knowing your "work" for the day is to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef... mountain climb in the Andes...or kayak around the remote islands of the San Juans... and brainstorm. Maybe you could get assignments to write about microbrewery festivals west of the Rockies...or get paid to write about the country inns of Northern Vermont...or write a review about vegetarian restaurants in Vienna.

And have you ever thought about swimming in a snowstorm? That's possible in Iceland you know. Despite an average snowfall of 1 foot per week, Iceland's volcanically warmed water temperature remains around 101 degrees. Just remember to keep your shoulders underwater.

This Is the Most Wide-Open, Exhilarating Field In Writing.

You'll meet fascinating people—perhaps high ranking officials (like AWAI's own Kieran Doherty, who was invited to a dinner with the Lord Mayor of London), scientists and eccentrics—maybe even the love of your life.

You'll be earning your living doing what you are passionate about. And since you're in business, you can take advantage of numerous tax breaks—along with traveling for free (or close to it). And you get the satisfaction of seeing your byline—your name in print—all over the world!

Here's The Opportunity You've Been Looking For...

Remember when we recruited you for our Institute? The letter we sent you was written by Bill Bonner, President of Agora Publishing Inc. If you recall, Agora Inc. is one of the world's leading publishers of books and newsletters on a variety of subjects.

From the beginning, AWAI and Agora Inc. have had a close working relationship. Agora continuously needs writers for their publications. This includes everything from sales letters to promote their newsletters to the articles themselves. And we supply the professional training to motivate writers like you to do just this.

Right now, Jen is a contributing editor of International Living—and the current editor of Island Properties Report —both published by Agora Inc.

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers eagerly look forward to being enlightened and entertained by these and other Agora publications each month.

And that is why when AWAI decided to create a travel writing course, we went straight to Jen. We wanted to create a program that would take individuals with basic writing skills, tap into her goldmine of expertise, and teach them travel writing secrets the could never learn anywhere else.

Passport to Romance: The Ultimate Travel Writer's Course contains all the details and secrets that publishers and editors like Jen desperately want travel writers to know.

The Freedom You Daydream About...

There's great demand for an elite corps of highly skilled, professional travel writers...a pool of travel writing specialists that can be relied on to write vivid, lively and interesting articles.

Leave it to AWAI to leave no stone unturned. Every secret the top travel writers know, you'll know too. There just isn't a more complete and insightful course out there.

Imagine the freedom to do your own thing—where and when you want... the special privileges that come with one of today's most sought after, prestigious writing careers...

Imagine the perks that could come your way with this lifestyle. The free cruises on luxury liners...staying at five star hotels...dining at the world's finest restaurants.

Wouldn't you rather live this way and leave the rat race behind for good?

Wouldn't you like to tell your boss you can't come to work—because Aruba Nights magazine hired you to write an article about the nightlife on that mysterious and beautiful island...or you've scheduled yourself to stay at a full-service European spa with 5 freshwater pools, 3 bubbling whirlpools, 6 bars, and 4 specialty restaurants...or you're writing your article from a hammock for two as the Concierge Service caters to your every whim in hopes that you'll favor their establishment in your article (We'll talk about this in more detail throughout the course).

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