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E-Mail Sales Letter-Penny Stock

Promoting a product of Agora, Inc., one of the largest financial and health newsletter publishers in the world.

Can you Really Make a Fortune Investing Your Spare Change?

Dear Reader,

As you know, Mr. F, the publisher of this business E-zine, does not endorse high-risk or get-richquick investment ideas.

It's not because we wouldn't like to prosper from these things ourselves. But because, in our experience, wealth is usually created by taking advantage of a lot of low risk financial opportunities, cutting losses short, and running with the winners.

So, when the editor of a financial newsletter on inexpensive stocks (the penny stock market) approached me and asked if I would write him an endorsement letter…and publish it here…I was skeptical. Did I— as weekend editor of this E-zine—want to write an endorsement letter for a product that Mr. F would frown upon?

"Sorry," I told the editor. "I don't think Mr. F would like this at all."

"Why wouldn't he?" the editor asked. "Mr. F was one of the key people we consulted with when we came up with this program in the first place!"

I checked it out and it was true. The newsletter, Penny Stock Fortunes, was designed specifically for relatively conservative investors who wanted to have some fun, and take some risk in the exciting and potentially rewarding low-priced stock market.

How exciting? Consider this: On January 15 of this year, DA Consulting Group went up 121% in less than 24 hours. Bema Gold Corp. is currently up 347% from its 52 week low of 20 cents a share. And late last year, you could have invested $1,000 in B & H OceanCarriers, at $1.10 per share, and walked away two months later with $5,225 in your pocket.

But as exciting—and rewarding—as this small sampling of stocks is, wait until you read about the profits Penny Stock Fortune subscribers made in Pokemon cards. This stock was trading at less than $4 per share when recommended. It went on to return an incredible 5000%.

How do they do it?

The system Penny Stock Fortunes uses is called the CXS Money-Multiplier System. According to the publisher, this program screens 14,000 stocks and selects the top 2% based on a series of stringent financial requirements. The editor then analyzes every aspect of this small group and narrows it down to the few stocks with the greatest potential to make money.

The idea, they told me, was to eliminate all companies that have fatal flaws. It's a multi-step process that looks at such things as bad cash flow projections, an unproven product, growth potential, and company management. By getting rid of the obviously bad eggs and then scrutinizing what remains, the chances of zeroing out—a common experience with penny stocks—is drastically reduced.

For example, the lure of most of the stocks was the promise that sometime in the future they were going to start making money. But they weren't making money, had little hope of making money, were deeply in debt, and scores of them have disappeared.

But Penny Stock Fortunes is not interested in promises. One of the criteria Penny Stock Fortunes uses for screening stocks is that any company they look at must already be making money. And it must have maximum growth potential.

That's why their September 13 recommendation went up 15.1% within hours of when they recommended it. It's now up 19.9% and climbing. This stock has revenues that are 42% higher than last year at this time and is on target for a 94% increase in sales from last year's fourth quarter.

So, that's the basic idea—a systematic, disciplined approach to penny stock investing. It's much less risky and provides the chance to enjoy those great upside moves that make penny stocks so enjoyable to invest in.

If you are a conservative investor who wouldn't mind gambling a tiny portion of your investment capital in some potential high flyers with rationally reduced risk, please click and you can read more about Penny Stock Fortunes.

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