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Promoting a product of Agora, Inc., one of the largest financial and health newsletter publishers in the world.

These Timely 71 Strategies Should Turn $5200 Into $510,000 in the
Next Five Years Alone-But Only for Those Who Take Immediate Action

Dear Reader,

Recently, at a prestigious hotel in San Francisco, more than 160 investors learned secrets for investing in a crisis economy and uncertain times. And now you can too.

Just take a look at some of what you’ll learn:

  • A top-notch short-seller expert with an outstanding track record says these 39 well known stocks are poised to fall, today. Beware—chances are one or more of these cash-poor dogs are in your portfolio
  • Why a few corporate insiders are snatching up millions of shares in their beaten-down companies
  • How one precious metal should go up at least 410%...and the little known way to buy it cheaply with a can easily liquidate it for profits, or better still, transfer it abroad with no reporting
  • How to know—with better than 90% accuracy—what the NASDAQ will do at tomorrow’s opening bell...and where the next low (or high) should wind up—this cutting edge market timing system has recently cashed in 34 winners in a row

All together, there were 71 specific investment strategies like these presented. And the entire conference was recorded live and uncensored on 11 professional quality audiocassettes.

The keynote speaker was Harry Browne, co-founder of the American Liberty Foundation and a former U.S. presidential candidate. Not only is the name Harry Browne synonymous with honor and integrity, but he is also one of the world’s foremost authorities on making money—and keeping it.

For instance, how would you like to know the real secret about turning $10,000 into $1 million?

Or the safest plan in the world for protecting that portion of your nest egg that you can never afford to lose? And Harry offered his 16 truths that will make you a better investor.

But Harry Browne was only one of the twenty international investment authorities at this conference. There was Steve Sjuggerud, Ph.D., an expert on global investing. MMF has introduced Steve to you on several occasions, most recently in ETR messages #635 and #722.

Among other things, Steve offered two specific recommendations with high yields.

C. Alexander Green, a former Wall Street insider, showed how to profit without worrying about the Fed, Wall Street shenanigans, or whether the market goes up or down.

Kathleen Peddicord, an authority on international real estate opportunities, spoke about one country where real estate has kept appreciating at more than 98% a year. And she mentioned three specific markets to be in today where 17% to 36% returns should be the norm.

It doesn’t matter what sector of the investment markets you’re invested in or are thinking about investing in, this conference covered it:

  • 11 specific strategies from a world renowned analyst specializing in mining, energy, water, forest products, and agriculture
  • Smart investors will take huge profits on this radical shift in technology
  • A system that rewards conservative investors with about 25% a trade—and speculators with a lot more.
  • How to use offshore havens to protect yourself against the 50,000 lawsuits that are filed everyday.

These are current strategies for what is happening in investment markets around the world right now. You’ll be able to take charge of your portfolio today and be set for whatever happens tomorrow.

When dark storm clouds are overhead and floodwaters are rising, you don’t want to be standing there in rubber boots with an umbrella like everybody else. You want to know ahead of time where the high ground is so you can be safe and dry when trouble hits. Go to and you’ll discover where the high ground is—and what to do when you get there.