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"Masterfully done. This is solid as a rock...totally believable and credible. It all ties together so nicely. I couldn't have done it better myself! I love to read your writing."
Copywriting & Design Robert W. Bly, author of over 51 books including the classic, The Copywriter's Handbook.
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Want to Dramatically Boost the Profits in Your Business, Starting Today?
"How to Market Your Product or Service Using the World's Most Powerful, Persuasive, and Time-Tested
Advertising Secrets."
Now you can double…triple…even quadruple the effectiveness of your advertising (and leave your competition in the dust) with the most proven copywriting and graphic design techniques in history.
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If you want to pump more profits into your business, then this may be the most important web site you have ever visited.

Here's why. Crow Moon Marketing is here to help you in two ways:

  1. We write and design direct mail packages, sales letters, e-mail sales letters,
    web sites, catalogs, self-mailers, newspaper ads, brochures, newsletters, articles, and other marketing materials you need to make money from your product or service. (Why bleed, sweat, agonize, and tear your hair out writing and designing your own marketing stuff when you can call us instead?)
  2. And we provide helpful marketing tips, techniques, resources, and information that can help you ratchet up the effectiveness of all your advertising campaigns.

On this site you"ll find tips and articles such as:


Lorie Drozdenko, Graphic Designer
Rich Silver, Copywriter

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P.S. If you have any hope of surviving—and thriving—in today’s rapidly changing business world, then you need to market using the persuasive advertising secrets passed down by the greatest marketing minds in history. We have studied the marketing, copywriting, and design secrets of Abraham, Hopkins, Bedell, Caples, Makepeace, Bencivenga, Halbert, Collier, Schwab, Schwartz, Parker, Suarez, Carlton, and others. If we decide to take you on as a client, we will create marketing materials for you that have people clamoring to buy from you. Because our sole purpose when we work with you is to create advertising that sells more of your stuff.

"You have the responsibility and the obligation to bring marketing to where it belongs as a a place that helps everybody sell more stuff to more people, more often, so they can make more money."

Sergio Zyman, The End Of Marketing As We Know It.